Serving the Communities of Chatsworth, Granada Hills, North Hills, Northridge, Porter Ranch, Reseda, Sherwood Forest, and West Hills.

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Getting It Done

Neighborhoods FIRST Update

This week our Neighborhoods FIRST coordinator met with LAUSD Pupil Services and Attendance coordinator Katie Rivezzo to discuss how the district provides services to young children experiencing homelessness or near homelessness.This is a particularly vital issue. As more families experience housing insecurity, we need to ensure that our students can continue to...... [ Read More ]

Next Steps for innov818

A modernized high tech industrial corridor in the heart of our district came closer to a reality this week as I introduced a trio of motions to put in place the necessary infrastructure to meet the needs of a modern industrial campus. The three motions initiate new parking rules, identify funding forenvironmental investigations of former industrial sites,...... [ Read More ]

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