Serving the Communities of Chatsworth, Granada Hills, North Hills, Northridge, Porter Ranch, Reseda, Sherwood Forest, and West Hills.

Press Releases


Release: Legislation Instituting Fee for False Alarms to LAFD Passes City Council

Release: Councilmember Englander Announces Large-Scale 'Floating Solar' Pilot Project For Los Angeles Reservoirs

Release: Councilmember Englander Introduces Motion for RecycLA Exit Plan

Release: Councilmembers Englander and Buscaino Introduce Expedited Infrastructure Plan in Run-Up to 2028 Olympics

Release: Councilmember Englander Submits Motion to Expand Cyber Security Tools for L.A. Small Businesses

Release: Englander Reopens Chatsworth Park South Nearly 10 Years after Closure Due to Lead Contamination

Release: Englander Joins Fellow Councilmembers in Legislative Effort to Advance and Improve How Los Angeles Addresses Homelessness

Release: Councilmember Englander Introduces iNNOV818 to Reimagine the Chatsworth-Northridge Industrial Core

Release: Councilmember Englander Introduces Motion Offering $15,000 Reward for Information On "Thelma & Louise Bandits"

Statement: Councilmember Englander on the Resuming of Operations at Aliso Canyon Natural Gas Storage Facility

Statement: Councilmember Englander on the LAPD Investigation of the Cadet Leadership Program 

Councilmember Englander Introduces Motion to Change Business Tax Filing Deadline

Councilmember Englander Announces Appointment of Nicole Bernson as Chief of Staff

Statement: Councilmember Englander on the Passing of Firefighter Kelly Wong

Statement: Councilmember Englander on New Gas Leak at Aliso Canyon Storage Facility

Statement: Councilmember Englander on Results of the 2017 Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count

Statement: Councilmember Englander on President Trump's Proposed Elimination of Funding for CA Earthquake Early Warning System 

Councilmember Englander Announces 250LA Public-Private Partnership to House 250 Homeless Children and Families in 2017

Statement: Councilmember Englander on This Morning's Raid Against Ms-13

Councilmember Mitchell Englander Unveils New Mobile Shower Unit for the San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission's Rescue SOS Team

Councilmember Englander Launches Pilot Program to Combat Illegal Street Racing in Los Angeles

Englander Supports Expansion of Definition of “Violent Felonies” Under California Penal Code

Englander Demands SCAQMD Utilize Funds from SoCal Gas Settlement in Affected Communities

Englander Demands Accelerated Pathway to Eliminate Natural Gas Dependency

Englander Directs LADWP to Implement Clean Storage Projects on the Eve of Hearings to Reopen Aliso Canyon

Supervisor Kathryn Barger and LA City Councilmember Mitchell Englander Support State Legislation Halting Reinjection Plans at Aliso Canyon Facility

Statement on SoCal Gas Resuming Injections at Aliso Canyon

Englander Statement on One-Year Anniversary of Aliso Canyon Gas Leak

Valley Groups Unite For LA2050 Grant Proposal: LIT

Englander Urges County Public Health, City Attorney Investigation Into Sunshine Canyon Landfill Odors

Englander To Submit Emergency Motion Regardingthe Sale Of “Spice” Drug Responsible For Over 50 Overdoses On Skid Row

Englander Demanding SoCal Gas Provide Cleaning

Englander Statement On Governor Signing SB380

Councilmember Englander's Statement on Passing SB380

Councilmember Englander Calls For Criminal Investigation of Termo Company  

Councilmember Englander Calls for Immediate Refund to SoCal Gas Customers for Faulty Smart Meter Rollout

Councilmember Englander's Statement on Holleigh Bernson Park Closure Due to Aliso Canyon Gas Leak

Councilmember Englander Calls for Mobile Health Clinic for Affected Residents of the Aliso Canyon Communities

Councilmember Englander's Statement on LADWP Rate Increase

Councilmember Englander's Statement on 30 Day Extension for Relocated Residents

Councilmember Englander Testifies before Utilities and Commerce Committee on Future of Aliso Canyon Facility

Councilmember Englander's Statement on Certification of Closure of Aliso Canyon Gas Leak

Councilmember Englander's Statement on Successful Capping of Aliso Canyon Leak

US Small Business Administration Issues Declaration of Economic Injury from Aliso Canyon Gas Leak

City of Los Angeles and SoCal Gas Reach Agreement on Extended Relocation Timeline

Councilmember Englander Calls Investigation of Bill Spiking for SoCal Gas Customers Countywide

Councilmember Englander Calls for Sewer and Trash Vacancy Adjustments for Affected Residents of Aliso Canyon Gas Leak

Councilmember Englander Calls for Public Hearing on Crime Increase

Councilmember Englander Demands SoCal Gas Recognize Adjacent Communities

Councilmember Englander calls for sweeping reforms on oil and gas industry

Councilmember Englander Calls for Withdrawal of Termo Company Aliso Canyon Project

Councilmember Englander's Statement on Gov Brown Proclamation of Emergency for Aliso Canyon Gas Leak

Councilmember Englander's Statement on Stipulated Agreement between SoCal Gas and City of Los Angeles

Porter Ranch Gas Leak Motions Rule 23

Councilmember Englander Forms Porter Ranch Community Adivisory Commitee

Councilmember Mitchell Englander and City Attorney Mike Feuer Demand Investigation of the Aliso Canyon Gas Leak

Councilmember Englander Calls Council Hearing on the Aliso Canyon Gas Leak

Councilmember Englander's Statement on Safe Storage Ordinance

Councilmember Englander's Statement on Minimum Wage

NEWSADVISORY-Hit and Run Alert System

RELEASE-NLC Public Safety

Councilmember Mitchell Englanders statement on SOSLA

Councilmember Englanders Statement on decision to halt Fire Department recruiting process

Councilmember Englander calls for a moratorium on DWP to stop shut off notice

Planning - Building and Safety Consolidation

Councilmember Englander and Mayor Eric Garcettis proposal to secure the citys cyber infrastructure

Councilmember Englander submits motion requiring convicted felons to forfeit city pension

Councilmember Englander Initiates Field Study of LAPD On Officer Cameras

Councilmember Englander Asks for Integration of ATSAC and LAPD Surveillance Systems


Special Public Safety Meeting on Need to Advance Community Care Facilities Ordinance

Resolution Calling for Changes to CA Realignment Laws to Protect Our Community

OK HELP Earthquake Window Sign Offered Free to LA Residents

Marijuana Motion Press Release 10.2.12

Councilmember Englander Introduces Motion to Improve the Way the City Manages Its Budget