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Celebrating Sierra Canyon School's Athletic Achievements

May 17, 2019

This week, I had the distinct honor to recognize and celebrate a school which has become a powerhouse institution of athletics and academics not just within Council District 12, but across the city, state, and country. 

Earlier this year, Sierra Canyon School won both the boys and girls open division state championship for basketball. This is an unprecedented achievement in which the same school wins a state championship for both boys and girls in the most competitive division. 

In honor of this accomplishment, the City commemorated their victories by installing signs that display their recent championships.

Sierra Canyon has a long history of athletic dominance having previously won state and regional championships in football, girls volleyball, and soccer. They've won so many titles that next time they win we may have to find a new pole to post it on! But marking this occasion was about much more than trophies or bragging rights -- though they've certainly earned those -- this was about recognizing achievement.

Achievement is the result of hard work. These young men and women didn't only have to apply themselves in practice and in competition but also in their academics. As student-athletes, they are expected to maintain good academic standing if they want to participate in athletics.

That's why these students are more than just high achievers, they are champions. These signs are a reminder of what hard work and teamwork can achieve.