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Earth Day Volunteer Cleanup at Limekiln Canyon Park

April 19, 2019

Every year in April, in anticipation of Earth Day, my office partners with the North Valley YMCA and the Kiwanis Club of Chatsworth to organize a volunteer cleanup of Limekiln Canyon Park. Once again, this effort resulted in a wonderful event for families and community members to not only help beautify a neighborhood treasure, but also enjoy the outdoors and instill pride through service for our community.

On Saturday, over 40 residents of all ages turned out to participate in this year's cleanup. Attendees were able to clear graffiti, and debris to help restore the park's natural beauty while making friends and enjoying a beautiful morning at the Park.

Like this cleanup, Earth Day reminds us that the duty of caring for the environment falls squarely on our shoulders. Unfortunately, there will always be individuals who are careless with this responsibility and don't think twice before littering or otherwise defacing nature. That is why it is up to responsible adults to educate children and each other with events like this on the importance of environmental stewardship and respect for the natural world.

Thank you to everyone who came out and embraced this responsibility.